Panasonic AG-CX350

Panasonic AG-CX350
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  • AVT13737
With the next generation of 4K AG-CX350 camcorders, the range of applications for handheld... more
Panasonic AG-CX350

With the next generation of 4K AG-CX350 camcorders, the range of applications for handheld camcorders has expanded beyond classic reporting and recording to include a wide variety of professional applications.

4k HDR image in your hands

Largest wide-angle lens in its class on the market

The camera has the industry's largest wide-angle lens at 24.5mm*1 with the aperture wide open, allowing you to capture wide-angle images with minimal distortion without the use of a converter. The 20x optical zoom covers an area up to the 490mm zoom segment in all modes. The i.Zoom allows recording in HD format with up to 32x seamless zoom or up to 24x UHD in the telephoto range, without resolution losses. The AG-CX350 is also equipped with a 2x/5x/10x digital zoom.*2

DR-compliant HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) for HDR images

Thanks to HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)*3, the AG-AC350 supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) for high dynamic range on HDR-compatible TV monitors. Eight settings are available for Gamma mode (HD, SD, FILMLIKE 1, FILMLIKE 2, FILMLIKE 3, FILM-REC, VIDEO-REC, HLG).

New High-Sensitivity 1-Type 4K MOS Sensor with High Resolution

The 1-type MOS sensor (approx. 15,030,000 pixels) offers excellent depth of field and an excellent balance between image quality and sensitivity. It supports different formats such as UHD (3840 x 2160), FHD, HD and SD and delivers images without cropping in all modes. The MOS sensor features a high sensitivity of F12 (60 Hz) / F13 (50 Hz) (in UHD and FHD in high sensitivity mode).

  • Integrated 5-axis hybrid image stabilizer
  • Intelligent AF and Focus Assist
  • Three manual rings
  • Wired / wireless remote control

Compact, lightweight and user-friendly design

Low energy consumption, powerful rechargeable battery, quick charging function
Simultaneous display of LCD with high brightness and high resolution and high resolution OLED EVF
Compact, lightweight 1.9 kg housing


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