Sony SEL100400GM

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  • AVT14376
Sharp super-telephoto zoom and continuous autofocus The first super-telephoto zoom lens in... more
Sony SEL100400GM

Sharp super-telephoto zoom and continuous autofocus

The first super-telephoto zoom lens in Sony's G Master Premium series covers 100 to 400mm. Its superb resolution and fast autofocus let you capture action-packed subjects. In addition to superb image quality, this premium lens offers professional-level portability, reliability and operability.

G Master Super Telephoto Zoom

A zoom range of 100 to 400mm is ideal for shooting sports, nature and capturing similar subjects. In terms of image quality and AF performance, the lens meets professional standards.

Fast, continuous autofocus

An optimal combination of a double linear motor and DDSSM (Direct Drive SSM) drive enables fast response time, high accuracy and long-lasting tracking.

High resolution and fast autofocus at any focal length

Precision G Master optics ensure consistently high resolution from the centre of the frame to the edge at any focusing distance and throughout the zoom range of the lens.

Compact, lightweight and portable

Innovative modular outer structures and magnesium components reduce the weight and size of the lens for improved portability and mobility.

Technical specifications

  • G Master series telephoto zoom lens
  • Linear motor and Direct Drive SSM for agile, high-precision focus operation
  • Sony nano-coating reduces ghosting and light effects
  • Circular aperture with 9 blades for beautiful bokeh
  • Protected against dust and moisture
  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.98 m
  • Maximum magnification (x): 0.35
  • Filter diameter (mm): 77
  • Weight: 1395 g (without tripod mount) 1395 g (without tripod mount)
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