Blackmagic ATEM Mini

Blackmagic ATEM Mini
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  • AVT13984
With the new ATEM Mini , users can easily create professional multi-camera productions for live... more
Blackmagic ATEM Mini

With the new ATEM Mini, users can easily create professional multi-camera productions for live streaming on YouTube or for innovative business presentations on Skype. The connection of an ATEM Mini allows the live switching between four high-quality video camera sources with pictures in outstanding quality. Computers for PowerPoint presentations can be connected as well as game consoles. The DVE processor integrated in the mixer enables the creation of exciting picture-in-picture effects and is therefore ideal for live commentary. In addition, multiple video effects are available. For live streaming, the ATEM Mini has a USB output that works like a webcam. Users can use it to access any video software. The mini mixer also has an HDMI video output for beamers. The microphone inputs can be connected to high quality table and lapel microphones for interviews and presentations.

Controlled from a compact control panel, the ATEM Mini has all its video, audio and control connections on the rear panel. The front-panel console-like control panel includes easy-to-use buttons for source selection, audio input adjustment, and video effects and transition selection. The rear panel has HDMI inputs for connecting cameras or computers and two microphone jacks. The program output of the ATEM Mini is via an HDMI video output as well as a USB port which serves as webcam output. The generously sized buttons on the control panel are easy to feel, so you can even control the mixer during a presentation. Audio buttons for live mixing of sound are also provided.

The ATEM Mini is extremely user-friendly. To change or edit video sources, simply press one of the 1 to 4 input buttons on the front panel. You can choose between hard cut and effect transitions, which can be selected using the "Cut" or "Auto" buttons on the control panel. Unlike the "Cut" button, the ATEM Mini automatically executes a selected video effect when the "Auto" button is activated. Users can select exciting transitions such as frequently used crossfades or more exciting effects such as Dip-to-Color, DVE Squeeze and DVE Push. The DVE is ideal for picture-in-picture effects because the processor allows you to quickly set different picture positions using the control panel buttons. There's even a Still Store for stills, titles and graphics that can be accessed from a computer using external control software.

Features of the ATEM Mini

  • Miniaturized control panel design
  • Supports live streaming on all media platforms such as YouTube
  • Works for Multicam business presentations via Skype
  • Provides connectivity for up to four cameras or computers
  • USB output acts as webcam and supports any video software
  • Includes a wide range of professional video effects
  • HDMI video output enables direct program recording
  • Two stereo audio inputs are used to connect desktop or clip-on microphones
  • Includes free ATEM Software Control application for Mac and Windows
  • Includes a DVE processor for picture-in-picture effects and full HD DVE transitions
  • Provides broadcast quality transitions including mix, dip, and wipe
  • Internal media storage for 20 RGBA graphics for titles, opening boards and logos
  • Includes ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyer for working with green or blues screens
  • Operation in cut bus or professional mix effect mode
  • Audio mixer supports limiter, compressor, 6-band equalizer and more
  • Automatic standard conversion and re-synchronization on all HDMI inputs
  • Built-in Ethernet controller and SDK enable development of customized solutions
  • Compatible with all professional ATEM hardware control panels
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