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Panasonic AU-XPD3EJ
Panasonic AU-XPD3EJ
The new ExpressP2 card drive AU-XPD3 offers the highest available transmission speed *1 at 17.6 GBit/s. To achieve this exceptional performance, the drive has been specially designed for use of the expressP2 "B" series cards. The...
€1,310.00 *
Panasonic AU-XPD1G
Panasonic AU-XPD1G
The expressP2 card drive (AU-XPD1) is specifically designed to accommodate the new larger expressP2 solid state memory card and features USB 3.0 for fast transfer of content. The AU-XPD1 expressP2 card drive incorporates one card slot...
€520.00 *
Panasonic AJ-P2E030FG /  AJ-P2E060FG
Panasonic AJ-P2E030FG / AJ-P2E060FG
The AJ-P2E030FG card offers up to 30Gb of storage capacity. A single P2 card can record up to 30 minutes with the DVCPRO HD or AVC-Intra 100 codec or up to 60 minutes with the AVC-Intra 50 codec. This AJ-P2E060FG card offers up to 60Gb...
From €327.65 *
Panasonic AJ-P2AD1G
Panasonic AJ-P2AD1G
MicroP2 Adapter The AJ-P2AD1G is a microP2 Adapter for usage with MicroP2 cards in compatible P2 camcorder and recorders and features CPS password protection. To use the microP2 card adapter; a firmware upgrade of current P2 hardware is...
€160.00 *