Blackmagic Videohub Master Control Pro

Blackmagic Videohub Master Control Pro
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  • AVT13986
The  Videohub Master Control Pro provides flexible control with two basic methods for... more
Blackmagic Videohub Master Control Pro

The Videohub Master Control Pro provides flexible control with two basic methods for switching between crosspoints on video hub routers. The easiest way for users to use the Videohub Master Control Pro is to first select a destination or source and then scroll through all crosspoints on the router. The latter is done using the knob located on the right side of the unit. When the user scrolls through crosspoints, they are displayed on the integrated LC display with large, easy-to-read identifiers. The identifiers based on the crosspoints are arranged alphabetically. Accordingly, users can also easily reach a desired crosspoint on large crossbars.

In addition, the Videohub Master Control Pro enables direct input of crosspoint identifiers via integrated keys. These are partly customizable and partly numeric keys. Users can easily assign their own identifiers to the customizable keys, such as Monitor, Deck, Edit, etc. The crossbar crosspoints are entered by pressing the specially defined keys, followed by a numeric key. Assuming a user wants to output "Monitor 3" to the target device, all he has to do is press the individualized "Monitor" key and then the corresponding number key "3". With the Master Control Pro video hub, users have unrestricted access to very large routers and can work quickly.

Features of the Video Hub Master Control Pro

  • Ethernet connection with PoE (Power over Ethernet) and loop-through without current
  • Power supply unit for 110-240 Volt for use without PoE
  • Full access to all crosspoints of a router via direct key entry or by scrolling with rotary knob
  • Rotary encoder allows users to scroll through router identifiers in alphabetical order
  • Direct input via keys allows the input of router identifiers or the setup of scroll lists with limited entries
  • Support for optional "Take" button set via software configuration
  • Control panel programming software for Mac and Windows included
  • Removable key caps for easy input of key labels
  • Keys backlit with RGB-coloured LEDs for maximum lighting quality
  • Compact 1U rack size, approx. 7.5 cm deep
  • Compatible with all video hub models
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