Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro
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  • AVT14024
The ATEM Mini Pro offers all the features of the ATEM Mini model plus many more. With the Pro... more
Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro

The ATEM Mini Pro offers all the features of the ATEM Mini model plus many more. With the Pro you can also record directly to USB drives in H.264 format, stream directly to YouTube Live via Ethernet and more. It offers you a multiviewer with views for four cameras, preview and program as well as recording, streaming and audio status.

With the ATEM Mini Pro stream live via Ethernet

The ATEM Mini Pro model incorporates a hardware streaming engine for live streaming over the mixer's Ethernet port. So you can stream live and in better quality without dropped frames to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. The settings are also much easier. Just select the streaming service provider and enter your stream key! Alternatively, you can see the streaming setup and status via the menu palettes in ATEM Software Control. The streaming status is also displayed in the Multiviewer. The streaming status can be seen immediately: The data rate indicator shows the internet speed required for the video format used. If you're a technophile, you can even crack the detailed streaming profiles in the XML settings file and load additional services.

Up to 4 separately Connect controllable cameras

The mixer has four separate HDMI inputs for up to four high-quality video cameras. Video cameras with HDMI outputs deliver far better images than webcams because they use higher quality lenses and perform better in low light. Video sources entering into deviating video standards are all resynchronized by the mixer. So connect any video device without hesitation - everything will work. Because many HDMI cameras support interchangeable lenses, you can use wide angle for wide shots or zoom for close-ups. Imagine the many benefits of low-light performance from better cameras for theatre productions, weddings, school concerts and music videos.

With the ATEM Mini Pro Multiviewer View sources and status

For more comprehensive live productions with multiple cameras, it is very helpful to be able to view all video sources on a single screen at the same time. The ATEM Mini Pro scores with a professional multiviewer. This allows you to view all four video inputs plus preview and program on a single HDMI TV screen. You simply set the multiview function using the video output buttons on the control panel. All camera views have tally indicators that show you the on-air status of the source. In addition, each view offers custom identifiers and audiometers. Which
graphic is currently selected, you can also see under Media Player. The Multiviewer even offers you status displays for recording and streaming as well as for the Fairlight audio mixer.


  • Upstream keyer: 1
  • Downstream keyer: 1
  • Advanced Chroma Keyer: 1
  • Linear/Luma Keyer: 2
  • Transition Keyer: DVE only
  • Total number of levels: 5
  • pattern generators: 1
  • colour generators: 2
  • DVE with borders and shadows: 1
  • Interface: Screen resolution of at least 1366 x 768
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